After a year of using Builderall, there have certainly been some changes in the platform.  So many changes, in fact, that I have not had the time to thoroughly check them all out, even though I use Builderall nearly every day.   I will cover in two parts what has changed in 2018.  In part 1, I will address improvements and part 2 will be about additions to the Builderall platform.

Some of the changes have been fixes to things that just weren't quite working. Some of them have been additions to the platform.  Some of them have been improvements.  Nearly all (or maybe all of them) have been in response to user requests and feedback.  On that note, I can honestly say I have rarely, if ever, seen a company that is as responsive to the needs of the actual user as Builderall is.  More commonly, I have seen companies add new bells and whistles to the existing product so they can attract new buyers, but seem to make the needs of the existing users a lower priority.  As a company, they are very clear on the concept that helping the users of any product achieve success will translate to success of the company.  This is especially true for people who opt for the business plan.

The Builderall business plan allows the license holder to also sell licenses to use the platform.  This has been shown to be an easy sell, and there are now a number of people who make a full-time income just on the residual income created by selling the licenses to other people.  

Signing up for a free trial of Builderall​​​​​​​ entitles you to not only try out the platform, but to join the Facebook Builderall Users Group,  where you can ask questions and find out for yourself how many people have successfully created a business with the use of the Builderall business plan.  Once you've signed up for the free trial, there is a button that will allow you to immediate upgrade to one of a couple of different licenses, or you may choose to use the platform for 7 days to decide if Builderall is right for your business plans.  A few people have reported that they were able to sign up some of their friends before they even upgraded to a business license, which effectively enabled them to start their business for free, given that the first commission paid is 100%.  Which leads me to a discussion of the Builderall Business Plan.

​​​​​​​>>Sign up for a free trial of Builderall here. No credit card required.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​The Builderall Business Plan

Although Builderall had an affiliate plan during the launch, once the launch period ended, so did the affiliate plan.  It has since been replaced by the business plan.  Although the business plan requires a regular subscription payment that is slightly higher than the regular user plan, the commission structure of Builderall is particularly generous.  As I mentioned before, the company truly understands that the best way to ensure the success of the business is to help the users find success in their own businesses. 


​​​​​​​The Builderall Business Plan, which as of this writing is priced at $49.90/month, allows you to sell all of the licenses you can, with the first commission of 100% covering your entire month if you sell another business plan.  (Ongoing commissions after that are 30% monthly.)  The other plan, for use of the platform only, is $29.90/month. That entitles the license holder full use of the platform, unlimited sites, and the ability to associate 15 domains, which is more than enough for most people.  Even if you never built a single website on the Builderall platform, just the use of the tools makes a subscription to Builderall more than worth the money spent each month for most businesses.

Improvements And Additions Made To Builderall In 2018

All of the tools that were included at launch in 2017 are there, and some significant improvements have been made to a few of them.  Some new things have also been added since launch. 

Improvements To Builderall In 2018

The Pixel Perfect Site Builder has gone through a number of incremental improvements over time.  As users discovered and reported challenges they were having, particularly with formatting sites in mobile view, the developers went to work and made the formatting easier and more reliable.  Also added were useability features, such as allowing different ways to spot elements that were hiding and might interfere with the appearance of the finished site.    

Site Speed - Initially, the speed of sites built on the Builderall platform were less than optimal in certain parts of the world, such as Australia.  New servers were added in response.  And because one of the primary reasons for slow site loading is large images, an automatic image compression feature was added.  Every time a user uploads an image to add to a site, it is automatically compressed to a smaller file size.  This feature can be overridden if a loss of image quality is experienced, but I haven't found that to be the case, so I just let the system do its work.  There is also a built-in image enhancement component which allows the user to make a number of changes to images such as cropping, filters, text overlays, and add icons.  This is not a new feature, but worth mentioning while I was on the topic of images.

Improved Dashboard Interface - As far as I can tell, the difference is mostly esthetic, but since I have been using Builderall for a year now, I was already comfortable maneuvering around the back office.  For newer users it may be easier, but I don't honestly know.

MailingBoss Improvements - Initially, some MailingBoss users were experiencing a number of their emails going straight to spam, but some changes were made, and training was added.  To my knowledge the incidence of mail going straight to spam has diminished.

Improved Business Center -  This is the big improvement that I have noticed.  Builderall is makes it very easy to generate a funnel with your affiliate link attached directly.  Then there is a link shortener that allows you to not only add your link to sites all over the internet, but it also has a link tracking feature to collect statistics.  There are funnels included for both online and offline business.  As of this writing, there complete funnels for 14 types of offline businesses, and more added at a rate of about 1 per week.   The funnels are easily customized, and will allow the offline business to build an email list, which very few do.  Every online marketer knows there is money in the list, and this is no less true for the offline world.  But very few offline businesses take advantage of the power of email, so this gives anyone who wants to break into offline marketing a great opportunity to do so.  A business that already has a website may choose to add a Builderall niche funnel to take advantage of the powerful marketing tools and MailingBoss functionality.  Proper use of the tools in the platform will more than likely offer a very high ROI to any business.  There are even premade Facebook ads that can be used to find more clients in the niches with premade funnels.




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